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Hiland Naturals Consulting Services



At Hiland Naturals Consulting, we understand that enrollment in the Non-GMO Project verification program and receiving USDA Organic Certification, can be difficult, overwhelming and confusing. Going through the process of verification without proper guidance can cost you extra time and extra money. Hiland Naturals Consulting will simplify the process working efficiently to get your products and ingredients verified in a timely manner and to your financial satifaction.  

Hiland Naturals Consulting offers Non-GMO Verification and/or USDA Organic Certificaiton of both your product and your processes, applying our technical expertise to all our food safety projects. These independent evaluations verify the validity and integrity of the claims you make about your products. Our processes will provide assurance to you, your supply chain and your customers. Hiland Naturals Consulting helps you prove that your products are produced within the structure of a Non-GMO management system that actively prevents the inclusion of genetically-engineered materials and their residues into your Non-GMO product streams.  The importance of this cannot be ignored.

We utilize our auditing group, as well as third party inspectors, to help customers verify what is being done, by using internal standards or by ensuring products meet other Non-GMO​/USDA Organic industry standards. With both industry and verification experience, our assessors tap into the Hiland Naturals Consulting proprietary processes that will be used to verify your claims. Our tools focus on a reliable system of input and product specifications, along with stringent supplier approval, monitoring both activities and analytical testing to ensure the integrity of Non-GMO materials, as well as ingredients, across the supply chain. This straightforward management-style approach for product and process verification guarantees compliance with Non-GMO labeling and identity preservation (IP) best practices. Hiland Naturals consulting processes are compatible with the systems used by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) benchmarked schemes known to provide long-term efficiency and stability in how your food safety and IP programs are maintained.

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