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How long will it take for my product to get verified?

Hiland Naturals Consulting offers prompt, reliable results in a few short months, as compared to the years of other consulting services. We understand  the importance of immediate action that benefits not only the client, but the consumer as well.  Our timely procedures and schedules solidify and stabilize the verification process for years to come.


Why should I choose Hiland Naturals Consulting for my verification needs?

Hiland Naturals Consulting's experience in the verification field results in top-quality efficiency and expertise. We offer honestly, sincerity and dedication to our customers as a vital part of the verification process. Since we want only what is best for our customers, our team will not disappoint those who chose us for their Non-GMO verification needs. 



What are GMOS?

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are plants and animals created using the splicing techniques of genetic engineering (GE/biotechnology). These organisms are created by merging DNA from different species. The result is unbalanced, unreliable, and irregular combinations of plant, animal, bacterial and viral genes not normally occurring naturally or in customary hybridization. 

Even though all marketable GMOs are created to resist direct herbicide application and/or to result in insecticides, not one of the characteristics of GMOs on the market presently offer a single consumer benefit such as increased yield, enhanced nutrition, and drought tolerance. GE/biotech Industry have made erroneous promises concerning these benefits. 

However, health problems, damage to the environment, and violation of the rights of both farmers and consumers are all directly linked to GMOs.


Are GMOs safe to eat? 

No. The wise American farmer-consumer must chose to decline anything to do with GMOs, especially since the United States Government's approval of GMOs is based on dubious studies produced by those organizations and corporations that created them in the first place, therefore benefiting from them . Studies in 60+ countries, among which are Australia, Japan, and all of the European Union reveal noteworthy restrictions or total bans on both the productions and marketing of GMOs. 


Are GMOs labeled?

There is currently no mandatory labeling in effect, even though the vast majority of consumers want to know if GMOs exist in their food purchases. Unfortunately, the GE/biotech lobby has concealed this information. The value of the Non-GMO Project therefore is easily seen as it offers consumers the information they need to make wise choices. 


How do they affect farmers?


Incredibly, farmers can be sued if their fields show GMO contamination no matter the source. Thus their sovereignty is at risk, and any country's national food security is threatened. This is the result of the biotech companies' patents which restrict use of GMO novel life forms. 



What are the impact of GMOs on the environment? 

Dire consequences emerge as a result of GMOs grown around the globe. Increased use of the toxic herbicide, Roundup, the advent of "super" weeds and bugs which are so resistant to previous herbicides, that they can now be eradicated only by more toxic potions like 2,4-D, found in Agent Orange, are all directly related to GMOs. The worlds biggest chemical companies  are known to develop and sell these hazardous products. Sobering indeed is the fact that these products cannot be retrieved once released into the atmosphere.  

How can I avoid GMOs?

Be aware that GMOs are in virtually all processed foods. Be alert and look for the identifying Non-GMO Project Verified label. 

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